donderdag 18 december 2014

First field season completed

After a long journey from the Roi Baudoin ice shelf to PE, we returned to the station yesterday evening. After three weeks in the field, one blog post is obviously too short to cover all the stories, and I'll need some time to digest everything we've been through. All in all, the season has been very successful: together with the IceCon project, we have assembled a rich dataset of field measurements of basal melt, ice properties, accumulation and surface melt on Roi Baudoin ice shelf and Derwael ice rise. The planned BENEMELT activities have all been succesfully executed: the weather station has been set up and works perfectly, I have performed 8 different firn cores along the transect from north to south along the ice shelf, and this transect has been fully mapped with high-frequency radar. In the time remaining, I have been digging snow a lot (either to protect our tents in the blizzard (we had two of them), or to dig out instruments that were placed in previous years), and helped with radar profiling and ice drilling for the IceCon project.

The weather station with the Sør Rondane mountains (~120 km far!) in the background:

Albedo measurements during a warm day:

Firn coring is cool:

Doing radar profiling along transect with Brice (@IceCon):

Weather was variable; we had two strong storms in the first week with very high drifts and broken tents:

 ...but for the most part, weather was great and we had even positive temperatures and surface melt during some days in the last week:

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