dinsdag 18 november 2014

Almost ready for departure...

Yesterday we had the briefing for the Antarctic flight. We heard the news that we would fly already today, so the departure will be according the initial planning. It means that weather is good and we can land safely on the Antarctic continent. Tonight at 23h we will depart from Cape Town (sunny, 25 degrees) to Novolazarevskaya (sunny, -10 degrees), the Russian base in Dronning Maud Land, and land there around 6 hours later. From there, because we have quite a big group of people and a lot of carge, we have two individual flights from Novo to Princess Elisabeth. I am scheduled for the second flight, so I'll have to stick in Novo for a couple of hours before (hopefully) leaving to Princess Elisabeth later on the day tomorrow.  Fingers crossed, and next post will be brought to you live from Antarctica!

You can also check the IceCon blog and the news on the Antarctic Station website for more reading material.

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